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Our Farm

Our Eco Farm and Farm stay – A pleasant place to holiday in Chantaburi Thailand  

Our Eco Farm – A Farm stay is located in Chantaburi, an Eastern province of Thailand. Chantaburi is a province famous for tropical fruits and as a centre of gemstones. Our home stay is on a creek in the small village “Baan Pong Rong Cent”.   Chantaburi is near the Cambodian border. The nearest border crossing Ban Pakard, which faces Phsar Prum in Cambodia. Day trips to Cambodia are not difficult.

We are applying ecological farming practices.This means we use no chemical fertilizers,no pesticides and no herbicides. We believe that farmers are important stewards of our land and ecosystems.  We also believe in an ecological, diversified and human scaled farm business that can be more economically resilient, healthy and rewarding for us.

What do we have on the farm?

We have 19 rai or about 8 acres or 3 hecrares.

We have a variety of local fruits, Durian, Rambutan (Ngoa), Jackfruit (Kanoon) and Mangosteen (Mangkoot), Long Gong, Limes (Manow) and Banana.

We have an assortment of animals. You can feed them, pet them and have your picture taken with them. You don't have to stay at the resort to come visit us.

At this point we have many chickens and ducks along with a 21 geese. These would all be considered to be free range as they eat natural foods which we supplement with other foods.

We have about 33 goats and 16 sheep, planning for more of them as they tend to reproduce. They are not very tame, but some of them will eat out of your hands.

We have rabbits which reproduce rapidly.

We have a male and femail buffalo (the female is pregant, we think)

We have have  pair of dairy cows athat are young and we hope to breed when they are older.

We also have four dogs (if you don’t like dogs, best stay away as they get to roam) and four cats which are mostly house cats.

We have built a house for ourselves as well as a house for our caretakers. We have two downstairs bedrooms that can be rented is you desire. Also, there are 3 houses, 13 rooms for guest to stay.

Who are we?

Lina was employed in the hotel business for many years. She is now retired and runs the farm and resort

Paul, an American, but not an ugly one.  LOL. He is semi retired and spends about six months of the year in Thailand.

He has been going to Thailand for over 25 years and has been married to Supichaya for many years. He speaks a little Thai to go with his English.

We are there most weekends at this time and people are invited to just drop by and visit us, but please let us know before you show up.

You can contact Supichaya at lina_supichaya@yahoo.com. You can contact Paul at paulthode@yahoo.com.

We are about 265 kilometres from Bangkok to Our Eco Farm